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Homeschoolers Of Wyoming (H.O.W.)
Homeschoolers of Wyoming (HOW) is dedicated to helping homeschooling families around the state.

The Purpose of HOW and Membership is to provide support and further the interests of family-funded, parent-directed home education of children. The support provides a network for legislative purposes, newsletters, conventions, and activities. Membership in HOW is open to all family-funded, parent-directed home educating families in Wyoming. The leadership is Christian directed and led, consisting of couples serving as board of directors.

We want to encourage you to join HOW. Thomas Jefferson once said, "The Price of Freedom is eternal vigilance." We appreciate the homeschooling freedoms we enjoy in Wyoming today and we thank the pioneers who blazed the trail before us. That being said, we know that Thomas Jefferson's words ring true. HOW exists to promote homeschooling within our State and to work together with like-minded families to preserve our freedoms. Will you join with us in this eternal vigilance? By being members of HOW not only do you get all the great benefits listed below but you also become a formal part of the HOW team as we work together in this state. Just as joining Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) gives you the legal protection for homeschooling, joining HOW gives you a network of families who will work together to preserve your freedoms and will be there for you when our freedoms are threatened. $20 a year is a small amount to give for the benefits you receive. As a team we will accomplish far more together than we will as individual families.

Everyone who signs up receives these special discounts!
  • A $20 discount with HSLDA (Only paid members of HOW are authorized to use HOW's number to receive the HSDLA discount. If you are using this membership number please sign up to continue to enjoy your savings.)
  • $10 off your convention registration
  • Convention Replay -- Select sessions from the most recent convention available streaming online for you to enjoy at no charge.
  • A printable Membership ID card
  • A hard copy of the convention issue of HOW News, mailed to your home in February, when available.
  • And these FREE downloads:
Free gifts

About My Homeschool Mini-Lapbook
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Do you LOVE homeschooling? Would you like to tell others about it in a FUN, hands-on way? Inside this Mini-Lapbook, you will tell about all of the things that make YOUR homeschool special! Complete several booklets related to your school and family. All instructions and templates are provided — YOU just add the FUN!
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Pioneer Days Lapbook and Study Guide
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For a fun and insightful exploration of westward expansion—combining the spiritually–oriented insights of Michelle Miller (TruthQuest History) and the engaging hands–on activities of A Journey Through Learning—you'll love our meaningful Pioneers lapbook! Engaging for elementary ages. You may also wish to enjoy our units on Knights, Ellis Island, the Titanic, and the American Revolution... with more in the works: or
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