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E-News March Issue 3, Volume 2

The Convention is Coming!
Not only are we looking forward to some great sessions from the Tolopilo's, but Dave and Mary Jo Nutting will be heading up the Youth Track with the Theme:  Creation! Not Evolution! 
Dave Nutting is the co-founder and director of Alpha Omega Institute. AOI is an organization with a mission to teach the evidence of creation and its relevance throughout the world. Dave has been giving creation seminars at churches, universities, public and private schools for over 25 years. Dave is a former evolutionist who "evolved" into a creationist after studying the scientific issues. Before establishing AOI, Dave taught in high schools and several colleges including Mesa State College and Sheldon Jackson College. Dave holds advanced degrees in mathematics and in geology. His presentations are noted for quality visuals and for his practical, easy to follow, approach.

Mary Jo Nutting is the co-founder and assistant director of Alpha Omega Institute. Together with her husband, Dave, she has traveled and taught creation for over 25 years. Mary Jo has an M.S. degree in biology, with a heavy concentration in science education. She has taught at the high school and college level and is an excellent communicator.

Dave & Mary Jo are veteran and pioneer home educators. Both of their sons graduated as homeschoolers. Now in their early thirties, both are planning to home educate their own children.

Next month I'll share a little more about AIM who has done a great job with our Children's Track for many years. 
All right, last month you got a break.  This month it is time to recruit families to join you at the convention again.  If you haven't signed up yet, do it now.  Don't put it off.  Offer to pay for another family. 

Parental Rights Update
No changes from last month to this.  There are now 129 Co-Sponsors in the House of Representatives and 6 Co-Sponsors in the Sentate for the Parental Rights Amendment.  Let your Senators hear from you.  I suggest we email Senator Enzi and Senator Barasso monthly or maybe weekly and politely ask them to support S.J. Res 16, the Parental Rights Amendment.  Our leaders need to hear from us.  Read the article this month on: Refuting the Myths....

Recommended Resources for March
Four Centuries of American Education DVD by David Barton.  David Barton is probably the leading historian on America's Christian Heritage. 
Whoever Controls the Schools Rules the World by Gary DeMar.  American Vision is one of those ministries that have a lot of great resources.  So many opportunities, so little money. 

Prayer Requests
HOW is a ministry to Wyoming Homeschool Families. As a ministry we want to uplift one another in prayer when we are able. Please let us know of any : prayer requestsand we will include them on our prayer page. We will keep them posted each month until you update us on a situation so please stay in contact.
Please spend a few minutes today uplifting these people in prayer:

Pray for the HOW Board Member families as they serve Wyoming Homeschoolers

Pray for our County Contacts that keep us updated with pertinant information.

Pray for the 2010 Convention Speakers: Marcelo & Valerie Tolopilo, Dave & Mary Jo Nutting, AIM

Our Legislature that finishes up soon. 


Continue to Pray
By Todd Smith
Many thanks to those of you who braved the winter winds to make it down to Cheyenne for the Legislative Prayer Rally.  It was great to see new and old friends that day.  The wind was bitter but the fellowship and the prayers were great.
Let us not now become complacent as the Legislative Session is winding down.  These men and women still need our prayer.  All those who strive to lead us need prayers.  First and foremost we need to pray that those who don't know Jesus Christ come to know Him.  Pray that God would surround our leaders with Christians who would nudge them closer to Christ.  We need to pray this for our local and national leaders as well.  Secondly we need to pray that they would seek God's wisdom as they govern. 
As this is an election year we need to pray for godly leaders to rise up and lead us.  We need Christians involved in the political process.  We need not politicians, but statesmen.  People who are public servants and are willing to serve others instead of themselves.  The freedom that you and I enjoy in Home Education has not come about in a vaccuum.  People fought for those freedoms in the past and it is time for us to stand up for freedom today. 
I listened to a candidate for Governor speak this past Saturday and he said he believes that this election in 2010 is pivotal for the future of our country and our State.  He said thirty years down the road our children and grandchildren will either say one of two things:  Where were you when our freedom and liberties were being taken away from us?  Or, thank God you were there and stood up when our freedom  and liberties were being taken away and you helped to preserve them.  Join me at the convention for the Leadership Luncheon where I will be speaking more on this issue.  Perhaps God is calling you to stand up "for such a time as this"!  Sign up for the convention and leadership luncheon now on the website. 

Praying For Our Children
By MarceloTolopilo
I have received a great many things from God in my lifetime, but among His numerous and precious gifts I am especially grateful for my parents. With mom in heaven and dad at age 88 I still reflect on how God has used the force of their character and the efficacy of their values to shape much of what their three sons are today. more...

Global Warming??
By Dave Nutting
In Think & Believe (Jan/Feb 2010), I had written about several instances where scientists purposefully withheld important data or just plain falsified their findings. In that article, I reported on Climate Gate.  Now the chief figure in Climate Gate, Professor Phil Jones, who has since stepped down from his post pending investigation of scientific misconduct, has made some significant admissions in his February 13th interview with the BBC. Points that surfaced in the interview are:  Read more.....


Membership Renewals:
Don't forget to renew your membership with HOW!  Check your profile on our website to see if your membership is up to date.  You don't want to miss out on the discounts for HSLDA membership and Convention Registration.  And at $20 a year you can't beat the price!

We want to honor your Graduate at our Convention in May.  Please bring pictures and/or information to display on our Graduate table.  For more information please contact Melissa Smith at: 

Videos/DVD's You Ought to See
Check out these great videos:
*Please note that HOW does not endorse or approve of all of the content on youtube or any other secondary website that is linked in our Enews. We try to refer you to items of interest to homeschooling families but cannot control content of other websites.
David Barton interviewed by Mike Huckabee

Server Issues
The March issue has been met with a few server issues, causing some to receive it multiple times. Please accept our apologies if you have received more than one copy of this month's issue.


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