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E-News February Issue 2, Volume 1

Convention: Christmas in February?
Can you believe we are already into February? The year seems to be speeding by. That means our 2009 Convention is just around the corner. We would love to see the Homeschool Convention grow in Wyoming. We would love to see more families gather together to encourage one another on in our education endeavors.
One way we want to encourage participation is by having Christmas in February. I know it should be Christmas in July but I don't want to wait that long because then the convention will be over.
Here's how you participate in Christmas in February. Tell another family that you would like them to go to the Convention with you and pay their registration. No matter how large the family the cost tops out at $100!
Now is the time to think about it and you don't have to pay for it until April. Maybe with your tax return. Maybe with some extra income before then. Give a gift this February that keeps on giving.
For more information on the Convention or to sign up early click here.
Extra bonus! With our new membership options this year, become a member of HOW before April 7th and still get your discount for the convention and HSLDA

Events Around Wyoming
Keep us informed with great Homeschool opportunities around Wyoming.

Goshen County has cancelled its 1st annual Civil War Ball.

Have you heard about the National Bible Bee?

The National Bible Bee is an exciting opportunity for students, ages 7-18 (as of November 6, 2009), to memorize Bible passages and facts to compete at Local Contests on Saturday, September 12, 2009. The top 100 in each of the three age groups will then compete at the National Contest in Washington, D.C. on November 4-6, 2009.

The goal of the National Bible Bee is to equip the next generation to be bold ambassadors for Jesus Christ by motivating them to memorize passages and facts found in the Bible. The Bible Bee is designed to promote godly character in students through Bible memorization.

Emmanuel Bible Church in Thayne, Wyoming is hosting a Local Bible Bee Contest on Saturday, September 12, 2009. To participate students/contestants need to call Nina at 307 883-0128 to reserve a place.

To participate in the contest in Riverton, Wyoming students/contestants need to call Todd at 307 857-7561 to reserve a place. Then they need to enroll online at Bible Bee beginning February 15, 2009. Registration is open until April 30th or the local contest is filled so register early. The fee for the first contestant in a family is $20; reduced fees are available for families with multiple contestants in the competition. The enrollment fee is nonrefundable, nontransferable.

If you live in Fremont County we have a Yahoo page up and running with calendar of events and many other great ways to keep in touch. Go to: Fremont County Home Educators

Sheridan Homeschoolers: WATCCH (We Are Teaching our Children in Christian Homes) support group has a free bulletin board website to use to convey messages regarding homeschooling in our area. If you would like more information about creating one for your support group you may contact Robin Ebert at This website is open only by invitation, which keeps unwanted information off.

Weekly PE class has been offered for homeschoolers in Sheridan for four years.

The instructor, Chaplain Randy Sawyer, is soon headed for Kuwait via Texas.

We thank him for the great teaching he's done and the service for us all he is undertaking.

This class has been one way for homeschool families to get aquainted and for children to get exercise. The YMCA is considering continuing it, and it may be led next by another homeschool dad.

Let us know what is happening in your part of the state: Contact Us

Teen Pact
There's still time to go to Teen Pact this year. Teen Pact is February 16-20 at the State Capitol. The Check here for all the details.

Prayer Requests
HOW is a ministry to Wyoming Homeschool Families. As a ministry we want to uplift one another in prayer when we are able. Please let us know of any : prayer requests and we will include them on our prayer page. We will keep them posted each month until you update us on a situation so please stay in contact.
Please spend a few minutes today uplifting these people in prayer:
Jane & Steve Lambert are publishers of the Five in a Row curriculum that many have used.
Dear friends,
Steve is being admitted to the hospital with a subdural hemotoma. About a month ago, he fell on the ice at their home in Michigan and apparently, this hemotoma is a result from trauma to the brain at that time. These types of injuries are almost always caused by accidents/trauma and they were told that it looks as if he sustained some fairly significant damage when he fell.
At this point, it looks like Steve will undergo surgery to relieve the swelling on his brain, and will be in the hospital for a few days.
Steve's never been a guy to make a fuss about much but I know that both he and Jane covet your prayers for a full recovery and more immediately, for relief from the headache and weakness that he is experiencing.

Please pray for the homeschooling family, the Hamiltons,(Ray, Kimberly-15, Julia-13, and Stetson-5) as they grieve the loss of their mother and wife, Darlene. Darlene went to be with the Lord on November 5th after a battle with ovarian cancer.

Please pray for the Becker family as they bring Debby's mother to their home for care.

As some of you already know, we have been in the process to be certified Foster Parents for a few months now. Although we are not fully certified yet, we will be getting the children we wanted to help soon. They are Bob's cousin's children, and another within the family unit. So, we will have a full house again, with three children, Rachelle (22 mos.), Anthony (3 yrs), and Tessa (5 yrs). The tenative date we will get them is this Tuesday Jan. 6th. We covet your prayers for a smooth transition for all of us, and peace for the children, and strength for Bob, Ellen and me ;)...
Thanks so much, God Bless us, Everyone (we all need it!) -


We Need Each Other
By Todd Smith
Welcome to the second issue of HOW Enews. Make sure you let others know about this monthly resource.
Let your friends know that signing up for this Enews is free. Sign Up Right now we are not reaching the majority of Homeschooling Families across our State, but with your help that could change.
Also we are asking in 2009 for you to join with us in the ministry by becoming a member of HOW. Membership is only $20 per year and gives you a lot of great benefits. Not only do you get to save $20 on your HSLDA membership but you also save $10 on your 2009 convention registration. Plus a lot of great downloadable resources for you and your family. The savings more than pay for themselves.
I know money is tight in this economy but this will be one of the best $20 you spend this year.
Click on the link to get started:

Legislative Update:
Thank you for all who took time to email or call your Legislators on the Wyoming Marriage Amendment. We lost this round but the battle for the preservation of the family in Wyoming continues. more...

Three Things Every Child Needs...
By Rick Boyer
The Apostle Paul was a great one to use illustrations in explaining the Christian life to his children in Christ. One of the most fascinating examples of this gives us insight not only into spiritual parenthood but also speaks volumes about the role of us earthly fathers. It is from Paul’s words in I Thessalonians 2:11 that I draw the following article, which I call

Three Things Every Child Needs From His Dad


Quiet Times In A Busy Household
By Marilyn Boyer
I dream of a capacious house full of rooms and lots of storage places. Central in that dream is my “quiet room”- a room with thick insulation and a skylight under which is a big comfy recliner just waiting for me to plunk down in it and read my Bible, pray and meditate, uninterrupted. As I look up through the skylight, I view the puffy cumulus clouds drifting by in the midst of a beautiful blue sky- a perfect scenario for meditating on the riches of God’s inexhaustible Word. Nearby is my bookcase, full of study books and concordances and a spacious desk on which I can leave my books spread out when not in use and ready to pick up again where I left off. more...

Where Are They Now
An interview with Victoria Summers more...

Parental Rights Update
Here's the latest with the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child United Nations' Threat: No More Parental Rights

Videos You Ought To See
Check out these great videos:

*Please note that HOW does not endorse or approve of all of the content on youtube or any other secondary website that is linked in our Enews. We try to refer you to items of interest to homeschooling families but cannot control content of other websites.

A little humor to brighten your day!

A little more humor

Recommended Resources for February

The folks at Sherwood Pictures have done it again with Firepoof. A movie that is helping marriages across the country. I also recommend the book: The Love Dare.

Check out resources at: Fireproof My Marriage

Upcoming Book

I am a homeschool mom and author and I'm currently compiling interviews for my next book. I will use the responses - stories, quotes, advice, etc. - from the interview questionnaire in the book, which is scheduled to be released by Bethany House Publishers in 2010. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could give me in making contact with your members or other homeschoolers in your area. If anyone would like to complete an interview questionnaire, they can contact me via e-mail and I will return the questionnaire promptly.

My e-mail is listed below.

You may also find information about my most recent book, The Homeschooler's Book of Lists (Bethany House Publishers, 2007), on Amazon or at Barnes &

Thank you so much!

Sonya Haskins, homeschool mom, author, advocate

(423) 676-9775

The Homeschool Advocate


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