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E-News March Issue 3, Volume 3

HOW Convention
Please join us for the Homeschoolers of Wyoming Convention on May 13 & 14, 2011. Visit this page to find out more: We are still updating this page so be sure to check back often.

Parental Rights Amendment Update
Ninety-three percent of Americans agree that parents should make decisions regarding the religious, medical, educational, etc. upbringing of their children. Yet only 63% see a need for a United States Constitutional Amendment protecting this fundamental right. In recent years parental rights have been eroded by the courts often referring to customary International Law. And the United Nations has a treaty called Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has provisions dangerous to American families if the United States ratifies it. The only protection against these is a U.S. Constitutional Amendment. If you are not familiar with this topic, visit for more information. Then sign the online petition. Anyone over 12 years old is eligible to sign. The goal is for 10,000 petitions in WY.
   Our U.S. Representative, Cynthia Lummis is one of the 142 cosponsors of this in the House. Our Senators, John Barrasso and Mike Enzi, have not yet joined the seven Senate sponsors. Improving our petition numbers most likely would demonstrate to them that Wyoming is behind this. You can also print a petition page to acquire signatures:
   Ten thousand Wyoming signatures are needed to help convince Congress to pass this amendment. We currently have 639 signatures which is 6.39% of our needed goal. This is a good start, but if you have not taken this important step, please do so now. It takes only a couple minutes to sign the petition

Legislative Update
Wyoming Legislature is nearly finished for 2011, ending Tuesday, March 8th. This was a year with many bills of interest to homeschoolers. Thank you to all of you who contacted your representatives in Cheyenne. Do not shut your computers off quite yet, as you will see below with HB 74.

Staying Up-to-Date on Legislative News
If you are not getting legislative updates from HOW via email please contact your county contact and make sure you are on their list.  HOW members can access the county contact list via the website.

Prayer Requests
HOW is a ministry to Wyoming Homeschool Families. As a ministry we want to uplift one another in prayer when we are able. Please let us know of any : prayer requestsand we will include them on our prayer page. We will keep them posted each month until you update us on a situation so please stay in contact.

Please spend a few minutes today uplifting these people in prayer:
Pray that HB 74 (Validity of Marriage) will pass.
Pray for the HOW Board Member families as they serve Wyoming Homeschoolers
Pray for our County Contacts that keep us updated with pertinant information.


Can We Stand Together?
By Todd Smith, HOW President
   I think somewhere in the fabric of modern independent society we have lost the notion of standing together for a cause. We have by and large as a people abandoned the idea of sacrificing for a cause. We tend to not want to get involved unless there is a crisis and then only if we have to for a very short amount of time.
   I want to ask you a very personal question this month that might require a little self-sacrifice on your part. Who will join me for the 2011 Wyoming Homeschool Convention in Douglas on May 13 & 14? Now I know immediately when you read this question you answered it in your mind, yes or no. As of this morning there are 318 subscribers to the HOW Enews. If you are like our family that could mean that maybe you have 2 or 3 addresses in the same family getting the information, so for the sake of round numbers letís drop that by 2/3rds. That leaves us with 100 subscribing families. For the sake of my illustration letís say each family is at least 3 people that puts our number back up to 300 people. Now what would happen if 100 families each invited 1 other family to join them at the convention? We make it a practice to pay for one new familyís registration to the convention each year. Now we are up to 600 people at the Convention. Think of what God could do with 600 people standing together to praise God and learn how to better home educate their children?
   Maybe we wonít hit 600 people at this convention but Iíd like to think it is an achievable goal. As we work at putting together our schedule of speakers and workshops to meet your needs as homeschooling parents in Wyoming, I am getting more and more excited about the things I will learn in May.
   What if we could have 100 families registered for the 2011 Convention by March 15th? Will you pray with me for that goal? Will you join me in Douglas? And will you bring someone else along who will be blessed by a wonderful weekend of learning and fellowship? Iíll be looking for your registration in the days to come. And donít forget to enjoy and thank God for your family this week.

Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate
How Christians Have Helped Establish Godís Kingdom in the Nations by Stephen McDowell
Godís plan for mankind   
   What is manís purpose or mission on the earth? Christians often answer this by referring to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), and rightly so, but in recent years a large segment of the Church has limited the meaning of this to only personal conversion. Certainly the Great Commission includes the Evangelistic Mandate, to redeem man, but it also includes the Cultural Mandate, to redeem the earth.
   God has revealed Himself as both the King of Creation and the Redeemer of mankind. His kingship over creation is depicted in the opening chapters of the Bible. Godís purpose for man is also revealed in the book of Genesis. To properly understand Godís plan for man, we must understand a fundamental truth declared in Genesis 1:1 ó the sovereignty of God. God declares His existence from the beginning. He declares He is the Creator, and hence His Lordship over creation. He rules over all creation. ďThe heavens are the heavens of the Lord. . . . He does whatever He pleasesĒ (Ps. 115:16, 3). Since He is sovereign, all men are responsible before God.

We have a winner!
Everyone who joined how during the last few months have been entered into a drawing for a free membership to Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). The winner is Polly Friess. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Are You a Member of HOW?
If you have not renewed your membership for 2011 or are not yet a member of HOW please go to our website and join today.  Membership is only $20! And you get several freebies (see below) when you join. Check it out here.  

Changing Lives to Change the World
By Elizabeth Albin, TeenPact State Coordinator

    ďLet no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.Ē 1 Timothy 4:12
   This verse embodies the TeenPact Leadership Schools Wyoming class earlier this month. Forty high-school students from around the state learned that although they were too young to vote or hold elected office their voice could be heard in other ways. All through the week, these young people shone character around the Wyoming State Capitol. They dress sharply and professionally, they were informed, they asked solid questions and most of all they made the people around them stand up and take notice. Tuesday morning when we met Governor Matt Mead he was so blown away by our group that he was late to his next appointment because he wanted to spend more time talking to us.


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