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E-News May Issue 5, Volume 3

HOW Convention
The annual HOW convention is just around the corner but there is still time to register. We look forward to seeing you. Please join us for the Homeschoolers of Wyoming Convention on May 13 & 14, 2011. Visit this page to find out more:

Parental Rights Update
Wyoming Goals
   1.  10,000 Petition Signatures (728 currently)
   2.  Senators Barrasso and Enzi to Cosponsor the U.S. Constitutional Amendment
   3.  Wyoming Legislature to pass a Resolution urging Congress to send us a Parental Rights Amendment for ratification
      As a homeschooling family, you are surely in agreement with 93% of Americans that parents, not the government, should make decisions for their children's care. You probably signed the petition and stay informed by their emails. But perhaps it is difficult to explain to others the threats in our courts and bureaucracies and the U.N. treaty, let alone the solution.
   "The Child" documentary describes all that clearly. If you want to spread the word, order a copy of the DVD, and either show it in your home or schedule a public screening learn more here. If each of HOW enews readers showed this to 26 people, the goal would be met for Wyoming petitions. If we reach goal number one (above), then the other two goals are much more likely to be achieved.
   There is a screening of "The Child" scheduled at Sheridan Library May 3rd, 6:30 p.m.

Is Your Student Graduating this Year?
If you have a graduate in your home please bring a picture of them to display at the graduation table in Douglas at the HOW convention. We like to give students the opportunity to have a display celebrating their completion of their studies.

Prayer Requests
HOW is a ministry to Wyoming Homeschool Families. As a ministry we want to uplift one another in prayer when we are able. Please let us know of any prayer requests and we will include them on our prayer page. You may send your prayer requests via our contact form. We will keep them posted each month until you update us on a situation so please stay in contact.
Please spend a few minutes today uplifting these people in prayer:
Pray for the HOW Board Member families as they serve Wyoming Homeschoolers
Pray for our County Contacts that keep us updated with pertinant information.


It’s Convention Time!
Todd Smith, HOW President  
   Well the 2011 Homeschoolers of Wyoming convention is upon us in just a few more days. I hope to see a lot of you in Douglas. There is still time to register if you haven’t done so. Just go to our website or you can register at the door.
   Please pray for all of us working behind the scenes as we put all the final details into place for a great weekend and we will be praying for you that the end of another school year goes well. And please remember to pray for all our speakers and vendors as they travel to Wyoming to share with us. 
   One of the greatest benefits of the convention for our family is that time of renewal. As teaching for another year winds down so does our excitement and enthusiasm. The convention recharges those batteries and refocus’ the heart to continue on in this quest to home educate our children. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Come, breathe it in and relax and enjoy a time of refreshing from the Lord.
   As the years move quickly by I am finding it becomes even more important to pause and enjoy the process. I realize that our children will be gone before we know it and that I will be wondering where all the time went. Convention weekend for us is a time to take a couple of days as a family and take a break from the normal hustle and bustle of life. Mom and Dad get challenged and renewed and the children are excited to learn and spend time with other homeschoolers.
   See you soon!

A Great Family Vacation Idea!
Have you contemplated taking your family to see some of those Washington D.C. sights you have studied in American History? Our convention speaker, Stephen McDowell, will lead two of American Family Association's tours. Come to convention and meet him and find out if this is for your family. To register for the convention go to this page:

Morality and Religion: The Foundation of Free Societies
By Stephen McDowell, 2011 HOW Convention Speaker
   Many people today think that religion should be kept separate from government, but in truth the faith of a people is the most important aspect of civil society. George Washington wrote in his “Farewell Address” in 1796, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.”1
   Our Founders believed that it was not just faith in any god or religion that formed the foundation of free societies, but it was specifically the Christian religion and faith in the true God. Signer of the Declaration, Benjamin Rush wrote in 1806: “Christianity is the only true and perfect religion, and that in proportion as mankind adopt its principles and obeys its precepts, they will be wise and happy.”2
   All nations are religious. All nations are built upon some religion, that is, upon some set of  presuppositions about life, law, right, truth, and morality that is ultimately rooted in the faith of the people. A people’s faith determines a people’s character and worldview, which in turn determines how free, prosperous, just, and virtuous the nation is. The religion of a people is the life-blood of the nation. It is the primary seed that produces fruit in every sphere of life.

2011 Annual Homeschool Track Meet
   Track day is a great spring activity for Wyoming homeschool families. This year we will have the meet on May 28th, at the Kelly Walsh High School track in Casper. The track is on the west side of Kelly Walsh High School, located at 12th and Walsh Drive. Entry to the track is at the top of the stadium where we will have our registration tables set up. There is a slope of grass that little ones can play on and several open grassy spots, but no playground equipment. There are places to set up a tent for a shade area and a stadium with bleacher seating. Because it is an all-weather track we will have the meet this day, rain or snow.
   These are some of our scheduled events: running races, long jump, standing jump, soccer kick, frisbee toss, softball/football throw, jump rope, and shot put (older kids). All children ages 5-9 will get a certificate of achievement with a blue ribbon stapled to it for participating in the field events. They will get ribbons for 1st - 4th place in the races. Children ages 10 - 17 will get ribbons for 1st - 4th place in all events. more...


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