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E-News March Issue 3, Volume 1

Please accept our apologies!
Due to a technical glitch, over the past few days, you may have received multiple copies of the HOW E-News. We are aware of the situation, and have already resolved it; however, we would like to offer our apologies to all who received more than one copy. We know that in some cases, you may have received quite a few copies. Again, the issue has been resolved, and will not happen in future issues.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Drew Farkas
HOW Webmaster

Well I hope all of you tried to spread a little Christmas Cheer in February by inviting another family to join you at the 2009 Convention in Douglas. As I write we are only 69 days away from the convention (less when you read this). So now is a great time to plan and save for this great event. The convention is a highlight of the year for our family. It revives the soul and renews our passion to teach our children at home. This week I was sharing the convention with another family and was saying how my children enjoyed the programs for them last year. My 9 year old son was sitting nearby so I asked him about his participation in the AIM program last May. He started describing what he did with the drama and music and went on for a few minutes. At that point I turned to the person I was talking to and said, "You can see he didn't have any fun." And don't get my older two started on how much fun they had with Generation Joshua last year. We are enjoying Civics and the bookclub this year (at least most of the time). The books are pushing them to greater levels of maturity.
All ages will enjoy the great events planned for you and your family. Figure out what it will cost you to attend the 2009 convention and budget the money each pay check or use money if you get a tax return. We all save for what we feel is important to us. For our family the Convention is on the top of our list.
Make sure you register by April 7th to get the discounted rates.

Treasurer's Update
HOW has been blessed by many speakers and program directors who bring the convention to life and only ask for expenses and/or a small honorarium (comparative to the more populated states' honorariums).
For the 2009 convention, we are looking at:
$1265 travel expenses
$850 in motel rooms
$1000 facility expense
$800 in honorariums for 3 speakers
$280 meal expenses
The AIM Team from CO is putting on both the children and youth program, and is bringing a team of about 32. They assume their own travel expenses and ask no honorarium.

What a blessing it is to bring a quality convention to you and to keep it low cost. And the more families who register easier it is to keep the convention at a low cost for you and your family.

Upcoming Events
Keep us informed with great Homeschool opportunities around Wyoming.

Have you heard about the National Bible Bee?
The National Bible Bee is an exciting opportunity for students, ages 7-18 (as of November 6, 2009), to memorize Bible passages and facts to compete at Local Contests on Saturday, September 12, 2009. The top 100 in each of the three age groups will then compete at the National Contest in Washington, D.C. on November 4-6, 2009.
The goal of the National Bible Bee is to equip the next generation to be bold ambassadors for Jesus Christ by motivating them to memorize passages and facts found in the Bible. The Bible Bee is designed to promote godly character in students through Bible memorization.
Emmanuel Bible Church in Thayne, Wyoming is hosting a Local Bible Bee Contest on Saturday, September 12, 2009. To participate students/contestants need to call Nina at 307 883-0128 to reserve a place.
To participate in the contest in Riverton, Wyoming students/contestants need to call Todd at 307 857-7561 to reserve a place. Then they need to enroll online at Bible Bee beginning February 15, 2009. Registration is open until April 30th or the local contest is filled so register early. The fee for the first contestant in a family is $20; reduced fees are available for families with multiple contestants in the competition. The enrollment fee is nonrefundable, nontransferable.

If you live in Fremont County we have a Yahoo page up and running with calendar of events and many other great ways to keep in touch. Go to: Fremont County Home Educators

Sheridan Homeschoolers: WATCCH (We Are Teaching our Children in Christian Homes) support group has a free bulletin board website to use to convey messages regarding homeschooling in our area. If you would like more information about creating one for your support group you may contact Robin Ebert at This website is open only by invitation, which keeps unwanted information off.

Let us know what is happening in your part of the state: Contact Us

I Govern
Teen Pact in Wyoming may be over but there is an exciting program going on for teens and their families through Generation Joshua.  Click Here for more details.

Prayer Requests
HOW is a ministry to Wyoming Homeschool Families. As a ministry we want to uplift one another in prayer when we are able. Please let us know of any : prayer requests and we will include them on our prayer page. We will keep them posted each month until you update us on a situation so please stay in contact.
Please spend a few minutes today uplifting these people in prayer:
Jane & Steve Lambert are publishers of the Five in a Row curriculum that many have used.
Dear friends,
Steve is being admitted to the hospital with a subdural hemotoma. About a month ago, he fell on the ice at their home in Michigan and apparently, this hemotoma is a result from trauma to the brain at that time. These types of injuries are almost always caused by accidents/trauma and they were told that it looks as if he sustained some fairly significant damage when he fell.
At this point, it looks like Steve will undergo surgery to relieve the swelling on his brain, and will be in the hospital for a few days.
Steve's never been a guy to make a fuss about much but I know that both he and Jane covet your prayers for a full recovery and more immediately, for relief from the headache and weakness that he is experiencing.

Please pray for the homeschooling family, the Hamiltons,(Ray, Kimberly-15, Julia-13, and Stetson-5) as they grieve the loss of their mother and wife, Darlene. Darlene went to be with the Lord on November 5th after a battle with ovarian cancer.

Please pray for the Becker family as they bring Debby's mother to their home for care.

As some of you already know, we have been in the process to be certified Foster Parents for a few months now. Although we are not fully certified yet, we will be getting the children we wanted to help soon. They are Bob's cousin's children, and another within the family unit. So, we will have a full house again, with three children, Rachelle (22 mos.), Anthony (3 yrs), and Tessa (5 yrs). The tenative date we will get them is this Tuesday Jan. 6th. We covet your prayers for a smooth transition for all of us, and peace for the children, and strength for Bob, Ellen and me ;)...
Thanks so much, God Bless us, Everyone (we all need it!) -


Is 17% a good grade to you?
By Todd Smith
Imagine your children consistently getting 17% on a math assignment or a test. How excited would you be? I think you would begin to wonder if they had mastered the material or were paying attention or had drifted off to sleep while taking the test.
I think 17% is easy to get by chance. Now is where I need your help, as of today March 6th, 2009 HOW is getting 17%. There are over 700 families in Wyoming who are connected with HOW in one way or another.  Right now we have 115 of those families signed up to receive this free Enews.
Now if it cost you $20 a month I could see where 17% might be a good number. Or if the vast majority of people in Wyoming today didn't have email I think 17% may be a good number but that isn't the case.
Only you can get the word out. Let's move this 17% up to a passing grade if we can. Let's work towards excellence and the more we are able to communicate with one another the better Wyoming will be.
Another plug for the Convention if I may. I love to meet all the different families from around the State. It is a blessing to be united for a common cause. May we raise up the next generation of Godly leaders. Having a good communication network is part of that.
Please let the people around you know about our Enews and encourage them to sign up.

Legislative Update
The 2009 Legislative Session draws to a close on Tuesday.  Many thanks to all of you who worked to defend traditional marriage and called your Senator and Representative in Cheyenne.  We will continue to keep you updated on issues that affect the family and Homeschooling in Wyoming.
Consider sending an email to your Legislative leaders this month thanking them for their service to Wyoming.  If your legislator helped to defeat the Marriage Amendment politely let them know that you disagree with their vote on the issue but you appreciate them serving us.
Too many times our Legislators only hear the complaints of their constituents and we don't do a good job of saying Thank You.  So take a few minutes and say thank you.  Wyoming Legislature.

Beware of Bitterness
By Marilyn Boyer
I believe Satan hates families, especially families who are training their children to serve God. I believe Satanís biggest tool to destroy family harmony is bitterness. more...

Hats Off To Moms
By Rick Boyer
(I know its not Mother's Day quite yet but good thoughts for any day) 

Hats off to moms!!  It's approaching that time of year again, and once more the rest of us pay inadequate and overdue homage to  the most important people in the world. more...

Parental Rights Update
The HOW Board has sent a letter to Representative Lummis asking for her support with H.J. Res 97 the Parental Rights Amendment.  Here is a copy of our letter and we ask that you join us in writing or emailing Representative Lummis asking for her support. more...

Check out these great videos
Check out these great videos:

*Please note that HOW does not endorse or approve of all of the content on youtube or any other secondary website that is linked in our Enews. We try to refer you to items of interest to homeschooling families but cannot control content of other websites.

Passing The Baton 
Socialization Blues 

Recommended Resources for March
The Civil War Institute is offering an essay contest for Sophomore and Junior Students.  Good opportunity to get a little more history in before the end of the year.  See the Civil War Institute website for more details. 
Marilyn Boyer, one of our convention speakers, has a new book out.  The book is titled: For You They Signed: Character Studies from the lives of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  (Can you tell I love history)  Go to The Learning Parent for the new book and any of the Boyers other resources.  Rick's book: The Socialization Trap is a must read for any homeschooling family.  
 Come What May is a new movie released on March 17th.  Filmed at Patrick Henry College it deals with pro-life causes. 


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