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E-News April Issue 4, Volume 4

It's Time To Register
President HOW, Todd Smith

Well our trip to Chicago and the Family Economics Conference sponsored by Generations with Vision was well worth the time, money, and travel. We enjoyed not only Kevin Swanson, but many other speakers as well. We were challenged and encouraged as a family. Attending this event will change our lives.
   I cannot wait for the 2012 HOW Convention in Casper, WY! The time is quickly coming but there is one thing you have to do first. If you have not registered yet do it now. Go to our website and either register online or print out the registration form and send it to me. And as an added bonus we want to give you a discounted rate for all registrations postmarked by April 7th. That means you have to act fast. That means you have to stop reading the April Enews and go to and register now.
   I actually paused while writing this because I knew there were some of you who listened to me and wanted a savings for you and your family and you took the time to actually go to HOW’s website and register. Thank you for that. We strive at HOW to keep costs for families down so that you can attend and we thank you for your support so we can continue to have homeschooling conventions for home educators in the state of Wyoming.
   You will be bless by coming to Casper and sharing with other homeschooling families, listening to Kevin Swanson and enjoying great workshops by our vendors. Don’t forget the new ABC’s of Homeschooling workshop that is new this year.
   Oh and one more thing. If God has blessed you with extra resources this year, offer to take another family to Casper with you. Pay their registration or hotel or both and let’s fill our new venue with old friends and new.
See You in Casper Soon,
Todd Smith

Do Your Children Know the Book of Proverbs?
by Kevin Swanson
Keynote Speaker, HOW 2012 Convention

Europe is on the brink of economic collapse. How this will affect America is yet to be seen. Yet, our nation is the largest debtor nation in the world, so Europe's troubles can't be good for America. The family is in worse shape than ever before (in the history of our nation). Social unrest is growing in the cities. The Baby Boom generation is retiring. The Social Security fund is bankrupt. The 30-something male crowd has never been more unmotivated and unproductive. Twenty percent of men in their prime working age are unemployed up from 5% in 1950. Birth implosions among the Europeans and Euro-Americans will rearrange entire civilizations.
   Now what?
   How do we prepare the next generation, who will live through the brunt of it all? How do we prepare our children, who will very possibly live through the year 2075? My answer is simple. Teach your children God's Book of Wisdom. TEACH THE BOOK OF PROVERBS.
   As I completed the 340 lessons on the Book of Proverbs contained in the Family Bible Study Guide Series, I was amazed at how almost every principle is ignored in the modern states. In fact, the modern humanist societies provide literally thousands of illustrations where men have violated the laws of Wisdom. At every point, whether it be banking, economies, political leadership, corporations, businesses, family life, health, human relationships, and sexuality, men have violated God's principles of wisdom, wholesale. In fact, many of the lessons are so foreign to the modern mind (in our rich, developed nations), men would laugh at these “old-fashioned” notions. When I would discourage churches and families from going into increased levels of debt to buy larger homes over the last several decades, it was rare to find any support for such a farfetched concept. The Proverbs tell us, “The debtor is servant to the lender.” But what if you gave that wisdom to President George W. Bush or Barack Obama? Would they zero out the deficits and abolish the fractional reserve, debt-based banking system? Of course not! Such lessons are considered irrelevant and impractical today.
   Well, the time will come when the book of Proverbs, that old Book of Wisdom will vindicate itself. In the words of Christ, wisdom will be justified by her children, every time. And, I pray to God that our children will know the Book of Proverbs, cover to cover, inside and out when this happens. They will need the Book of Proverbs to rebuild the walls, when this 200-year experiment in humanist wisdom collapses.
   From my search on the Internet, our Family Bible Study Guide on Proverbs is the only comprehensive, verse-by-verse curriculum of its kind. Rarely do you find a school that teaches children every verse in God's curriculum for the education of our sons and daughters. If this is God's book on bestowing knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to a young man, you would think that our Christian colleges would have their students memorize the book. You would think that they would give them this book as the core text for the education of a child (both for content and methodology). Generally, they ignore the old, “useless” book. But why do they ignore it? They cannot see the relevance of God's book on education for “modern” private and public schools. “It's not a good fit,” they tell us. At the core of it, they don't trust God's wisdom. They wouldn't want to put the time and resources into teaching a useless, old book. more...

Parental Rights Update
by Jan Loftus

Thank you for all your work in getting letters to our state senators and representatives asking them to vote for the Parents' Rights Resolution. I know of some specific representatives and senators who leaned away from voting for this, but whose constituents turned their vote to a favorable one. Thank you all!

Would you please write to your senator and representative a note of thanks if they voted for the resolution:

Representative(s) Berger, Blikre, Bonner, Botten, Brechtel, Brown, Buchanan, Burkhart, Byrd, Campbell, Cannady, Childers, Davison, Edmonds, Eklund, Esquibel, K., Freeman, Gay, Gingery, Greear, Greene, Harshman, Harvey, Hunt, Illoway, Jaggi, Kasperik, Kroeker, Krone, Lockhart, Loucks, Lubnau, Madden, McKim, McOmie, Miller, Moniz, Nicholas B, Peasley, Pedersen, Petersen, Petroff, Quarberg, Reeder, Semlek, Steward, Teeters, Vranish, Wallis, Zwonitzer, Dn. and Zwonitzer. (One representative was excused)

Senator(s) Anderson, Barnard, Bebout, Burns, Christensen, Coe, Cooper, Dockstader, Driskill, Geis, Hicks, Hines, Jennings, Johnson, Landen, Meier, Nutting, Perkins, Peterson, Ross, and Scott. (Three senators were excused)

There were three goals for Wyoming:
1. Wyoming Parental Rights Resolution
2. 10,000 Petition Signatures/email update recipients
3. Representative Lummis and Senators Barrasso and Enzi to cosponsor the Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution

We can check off the first! There is a group pushing for November 20th ratification of this treaty. They are not lax and we cannot be either. If you have any suggestions for the last two goals, please let me know.

Free Session
Come join us for the Friday night session at the convention. It’s free! Bring your friends who are considering coming, your parents, and people from church, anyone who has shown an interest in knowing more about homeschooling. Kevin Swanson will share "Why Homeschooling Will Change the World."
May 11, 2012 at 6:30

Upcoming Event
The Park County Home School Group invites you to an....AUSTEN-tatious Evening at the 2nd Annual Home School Spring Gala.  This formal event will be an evening to remember for all home school students ages thirteen and older, home school alumni, parents, grandparents and special guests.  Come enjoy Austen-style entertainment, special recognition for graduating seniors, fancy hors'd oeuvres, and an historical, instructor-led ball.
Friday, April 27, 2012
5:30 - 10 p.m.
at The Commons (135 N. Bent St., Powell, Wyoming)
$17.50/ individual or $70/ family
You can download all forms at our new website or call Kim at 272-8111 for more information. Registrations/payment are due by April 15th.

The Homeschoolers of Wyoming state convention is a wonderful place and great opportunity to meet with other homeschooling families, hear inspiring and encouraging speakers, and view curriculum and educational resources. Make plans now to attend the annual HOW State Convention May 11th and 12th at College Heights Baptist Church in Casper. The keynote speaker is Kevin Swanson who served as the Executive Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado from 1998-2009, and still works actively with CHEC in his work with Generations with Vision. The HOW convention is designed to equip all home educating parents to educate their children with excellence by bringing together a variety of speakers, workshops, curriculums, and educational materials for the entire family.

Change of Location
HOW has some great changes coming this year to the convention. We would also like to announce a chance in location. Last year several people mentioned that having the convention in a more central location would be a good idea. This year the convention will be at College Heights Baptist Church, in Casper. We are excited about the possibilities that a new location will bring! Mark your calendar now for May 11-12, 2012!

Visit our website for a Tentative Schedule, Lodging Information, Youth Track, Children's Program, and how you can volunteer.

A new workshop is in the plans for HOW Convention 2012. "Homeschooling ABCs", a workshop that will be a great help for beginning homeschoolers and those thinking of homeschooling. If you or someone you know could benefit from this, watch for details in future editions of enews. Visit the convention page at:

Prayer Requests
HOW is a ministry to Wyoming Homeschool Families. As a ministry we want to uplift one another in prayer when we are able. Please let us know of any prayer requests and we will include them on our prayer page. You may send your prayer requests via our contact form. We will keep them posted each month until you update us on a situation so please stay in contact.
Please spend a few minutes today uplifting these people in prayer:
Pray for the HOW Board Member families as they serve Wyoming Homeschoolers
HOW County Contacts as they work to serve you locally and coordinate information between you and the Board.


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