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Homeschoolers Of Wyoming (H.O.W.)
E-News February Issue 2, Volume 5

The Essence of Christian Parenting
By Marc Carrier

What does it take to be an effective parent? Read this article from Homeschool Enrichment Magazine by Marc Carrier to learn more.

Homeschoolers of Wyoming Convention
June 1st at College Heights Baptist Church, Casper, WY

Features of this year's convention include:

Richard Stepanek - Keynote speaker (see below)

The cost to attend the 2013 convention will be significantly lower than in previous years; for H.O.W. Members, the cost is only $20 for the whole family! ($30 for non-members; children's program and barbeque lunch additional.)

Barbeque cookout & fellowship time
A barbeque lunch will be available for $4 per person from 11:30am–1pm. Our hope is that this time will provide opportunities for you to meet and be encouraged by fellow homeschoolers throughout the state. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, and more will be available. In order to properly estimate the quantities of food needed, please register for lunch when registering to attend the convention.

Other features of the 2013 convention
• Additional Sessions
• Tentative Schedule
• Children's Program
• Used Book Sale

"Evolution is the number one reason students give me for rejecting the Gospel." -Mark Cahill, evangelist/author

Richard Stepanek, Keynote Speaker
Richard Stepanek was taught evolution in school and in church. He believed it until God opened his eyes to creation at a "Discover Creation" seminar. After extensive personal research on the subject, Rich became firmly convinced that the facts support the literal account of Creation found in the Bible. Rich joined Alpha Omega Institute (AOI) as a full time speaker in 1997. His family often travels with him in the ministry.

Your faith is under attack!
We are in a spiritual and cultural battle of worldviews.  Genesis is presented as just a myth while evolution is falsely taught as "scientific fact" virtually everywhere. This godless evolutionary indoctrination confuses both adults and children about their true origin, purpose, and destiny, and devastates the faith of multitudes of young people.
But did you know...
• Scientific evidence refutes the "proofs" of evolution.
• Many qualified scientists accept the Biblical record.
• The intricacy of life shows God's creative design.
• True science affirms Creation, the Fall, and Flood.
• You can believe the whole Bible, beginning in Genesis!
 (from the AOI website)

Volunteers-HOW needs you!

The 2013 Convention will be the best yet, however volunteers are needed. This year, we will have two classes of volunteers: standard volunteers will help to clean and organize events, leadership volunteers will help to host sessions. For leadership volunteers, we will be offering a $10 discount on convention attendance, so please contact us to express interest before signing up to attend.

If you are interested in volunteering to help, please download the form here.

Registration Information
Decided you'd like to attend? If you're ready to sign up, just click here to register online! Mail-in registration coming soon.

Legislative Update
By Jan Loftus

One Wyoming senator told me there are three things you don’t touch in Wyoming- one of these is HOMESCHOOLING. Why is that I wonder? The answer is the Lord’s protection and the work of homeschoolers through the years. Yes, this freedom comes at a cost to us of vigilance and time in contacting our legislators, attending legislative sessions and committee meetings so that they remember that we care deeply about our freedom to homeschool and the freedom for our grandchildren to be homeschooled.

Thank you for working to defeat SF 96 designed to raise compulsory education to age 18 and HB 144 mandating studies for early childhood education along with mandating legislation proposed from the studies. Both of these take liberty from parents and their 17 year olds, to make educational decisions, rather giving this to the state. Additionally, both these are proven to be expensive failures.

There was an exciting amendment to SF 96 which we thank HSLDA and WyWatch for working on and Senator Nutting for proposing. This amendment would have allowed homeschool families to send only one letter of intent rather than an annual letter. Ten states require no notice at all! Some may think this radical, yet homeschoolers do equally terrific whether educating their children in free states or more restrictive states.


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