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E-News December Issue 7, Volume 5

The Poster Child For Homeschooling
By Andrew Farkas


Have you ever considered the dangers of sending your child to public school?  Most will cite the negative influences, peer pressure, bullying, etc... but have you ever considered the possibility that your child could turn into a monster and enter a life of slavery?
You read that correctly.  The only step you must take, to enable that terrible outcome, is to send your child to public school.  Once you've sent them out the door, their future -- their very lives! -- are at the mercy of a very dangerous world.  And trust me, the world does not have a lot of mercy.  I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine; we'll call him Pete.  Pete may not have been an ordinary boy, but he was trying his hardest to be.  He wanted, more than anything else, to make his father proud.  While at home with his father, he was able to learn the basics of life and healthy social interaction.  Then one day, his father made a huge mistake: he questioned his own ability to teach his son.  He reasoned that if Pete were sent to public school, he would learn more about the real world.  While that may have been true in his particular case, that didn't mean Pete was prepared to deal with the dangers of the outside world.
Once Pete had departed for school, he immediately fell prey to the first of many dangers; peer pressure.  He was led astray by others who assured him that he'd enjoy it, and that 'everybody was doing it'.  The hardest part of dealing with peer pressure, is that often they start with some truth, then add just a tiny bit of deception, so that you don't notice it; indeed, Pete did enjoy what they offered, and he was not alone in his actions.
Next, Pete was subjected to temptation.  He knew right from wrong, and he knew he shouldn't give in to temptation, but alas; without the support and positive influence of his father to guide him, he was not strong enough to resist.  His conscience was stronger than most, and he held out longer than those he socialized with at school, but alas; it was not enough.  He did give in.  And it only went downhill from there.
Pete's story does have a happy ending, though.  Pete's dad realized that his son was in danger, and went to rescue him.  He pulled him from school and rescued him from the dangers of unchaperoned temptation -- then they got swallowed by a whale!  (I'm not really sure what the whale had to do with anything, but it all worked out in the end.)  Once they made it home, Geppetto promised he'd never send 'Pete' to public school again!
(Some names have been changed to protect the innocent)



2014 Convention
June 6-7, Please mark it on your calendar!

If you're a Young Entrepreneur, be sure to sign up for your space at the convention. The entrepreneurs will get to showcase and sell their wares much like the vendors do. The cost for a space will be just $15. Click HERE for an application.

Talent Show participants needed!
Come help entertain at the convention. This will be a great place to get up in front of an appreciative audience. Individuals or entire families are welcome.
Please print out an application HERE, then fill in the information and mail to the address included on the form.

Help Stop the Common Core

The science standards in Wyoming are up for review.  On October 8th the Wyoming Department of Education presented the Common Core version of science standards to the State School Board (Wyoming Board of Education) as the ONLY set of standards to adopt for review.   At the November meeting, the Board requested more information. They will take it up again at their next meeting which is scheduled for January 23rd-24th. Please click here to read and sign the letter to Governor Mead.


American Dream Essay Contest
Attention all 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students! The Boys and Girls Clubs of Wyoming are holding their annual American Dream Essay contest and have asked the Wyoming homeschoolers to participate. The essay must be written on one of the "Ten Principles to Live By" as described in James P. Owens' book, Cowboy Ethics, Cowboy Values. HOW local winners will receive: First Place $300 Second Place: $200 Third Place: $100, and the state winners will receive: First Place: $3,000 Second Place: $2,000 Third Place: $1,000. So get familiar with the  "Ten Principles to Live By" and get ready to write a great essay! Essays must be written between January 6 and February 14, 2014. More details and how to enter will be given in the January copy of the HOW eNews! 

We still need County Contacts!
Would you like to be a county contact? 

The responsibilities are few: Attending the convention – this is the only mandatory meeting of the whole year. Other than that, you need to be available. That's what a contact is all about. Responding to all calls and emails from HOW and other interested parties. You would also need to promote the convention in your county, by getting it into newsletters and online. That's it! It's not a hard job, but it is necessary.

We really need at least one contact in each county. Right now the following counties are available: Big Horn, Goshen, Sheridan, and Washakie. Other counties need alternates, so if you are interested and live in another county, please step up!  
“Thank You” to all our county contacts. You are the eyes, ears, and hands of H.O.W.

If you are concerned about keeping home schooling in Wyoming going strong, please think and pray about becoming a county contact. Please call 307-286-1090 for more information. We need you!


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