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E-News September Issue 8, Volume 1

Walking In The Promises
May 7th & 8th is the 2010 HOW Convention in Douglas!  Have you checked out our speakers website yet?  If not do that here.  It's never too late to plan.  Start inviting friends now.   

Parental Rights Update
Yesterday, we had the opportunity to visit Capitol Hill on your behalf and get a feel for the impact your calls are having. Through the help of some local college students and a number of families who travelled in to join us, we sent out several teams - and we haven't gotten all reports in yet. 
But before the teams even went out, a couple of our staff came in from a meeting with Rep. Young of Alaska to announce that he has agreed to cosponsor the Amendment!
During our visits, we saw your calls at work. In offices where we expected a cold reception, we were warmly thanked for providing them with more information on this subject that their constituents are so concerned about. On at least one ocassion, our team had to wait for the congressional staffer to get off the phone with one of you before they could be seen - which only reinforced that we were there on your behalf!
We also heard from one staff who told us their Democratic congressman had no concerns with cosponsoring except that he is hesitant to amend the Constitution. They told us that if he keeps hearing from more people in his district as he has been, he would be open to change his mind and sign on. So keep up the good work; keep up the calls!
If you haven't called yet, or want to call again, check our States Watch page and select your state to see which representatives and senators are already on board, grab the contact information for those who are not, and give them a call. (Since Monday we have added Rep. Don Young of Alaska.) Then, invite your friends to do the same.

Recommended Resources for September
Already Gone by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer.  The authors of this book show statistics that by the time our children are in High School 70-80% of them have already rejected Christianity. 
But please note that over 94% of Homeschooled children are still Christians in their adult years.  Is the salvation of our children enough of a reason for Christians to reject public education all together?
State of the Nation with Ken Ham  In this DVD Ken Ham shares information from the book, Already Gone and shows that perhaps our President wasn't all that far off when he stated that America was no longer a Christian nation. 

Videos You Ought To See
Check out these great videos:
*Please note that HOW does not endorse or approve of all of the content on youtube or any other secondary website that is linked in our Enews. We try to refer you to items of interest to homeschooling families but cannot control content of other websites.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


Hiding His Word
By Todd Smith
Last Saturday we hosted a local competition for the Bible Bee in Riverton, WY.  What a joy it was as 20 children from around the State participated in a contest that encouraged them to hide God's Word in their hearts. 
In the morning they took a 200 question Bible Knowledge test and in the afternoon they had two oral rounds where they answered Bible questions and quoted verses.  The study material had over 350 passages for the students to work on from May 1st to Sept. 12th.  Over 1000 verses.  What a testimony to the power of God's Word as over 17,000 children in over 300 contests were speaking the Word.  Not to mention all of that Scripture hidden in their hearts. 
We had several Pastors in Riverton help us with our judging and many of our judges commented on how they would have had a tough time with the tests.  The Bible Bee is a great tool to be used in raising up the next generation to stand on the truth of God's Word.  On Friday we also find out if any of our Wyoming kids qualify to move on to nationals in November.
And did I mention how fun it was to see Homeschool families from Newcastle and Laramie last Saturday that we had met at the HOW Convention in the past.  Events like this and our Convention in May help to make our very large (in land area) State seem a lot smaller and closer together. 
Registration for the 2010 Bible Bee will start up in February.  I hope many more families choose to participate and work together on hiding God's Word in their hearts.  Our children didn't come close to getting all of the material memorized for this years contest so we are going to use the Bible Bee study material for our Bible classes this year for school.  Being able to focus indepth on six books of the Bible and over 1000 verses ought to keep us more than busy until next May.
There was also another Local Bible Bee Competition in Thayne, WY last Saturday.  If anyone has more information on how things went there, please pass it on to me so we can share it in the next Enews. 

GPA SmartStore

HOW is now an affiliate of the GPA SmartStore Click Here...

Through an arrangement with GPA SmartStore, a great new online source for homeschool curriculum, you can now purchase preferentially priced resources with just a few clicks. Over thousands of the most popular homeschooling titles are available, and our Association members receive an additional discount off the GPA SmartStore’s already competitive price.

Watch Talk With Diana Waring
In the adventure of teaching your children at home, you can break out of the mold of brain- drain and dreaded tedium and instead take a joy-filled journey. Join Diana Waring as she interviews experts who will show you how!
Click here for more information. 

More about Marcelo
The founder and president of Walking In The Promises is Bible teacher Marcelo Tolopilo.  Click here for more information. 

The Agony of Deceit
By MarceloTolopilo
As I start off this article allow me to cut to the chase and give you the bottom line first. Here it is: You and I desperately need to fill our hearts and minds with God's truth because it protects us from the enemy's primary weapon in spiritual warfare, deceptionRead More....

Prayer Requests

HOW is a ministry to Wyoming Homeschool Families. As a ministry we want to uplift one another in prayer when we are able. Please let us know of any : prayer requestsand we will include them on our prayer page. We will keep them posted each month until you update us on a situation so please stay in contact.
Please spend a few minutes today uplifting these people in prayer:

Pray for the HOW Board Member families as they serve Wyoming Homeschoolers

Pray for our County Contacts that keep us updated with pertinant information.

Pray for the 2010 Convention Speakers: Marcelo & Valerie Tolopilo

Rhonda Matthews, a homeschooling mom in Wheatland, asks for prayer for the following:I was recently in the hospital due to a severe case of bronchitis; while in the hospital my doctor ran a standard test to check for blood clots in my lungs. The good news, no blood clots, the bad news, I have what they refer to as a HOT nodule on my thyroid. Of course they do not know as yet whether it is cancer; I will need to have a needle biopsy to determine that. I am asking in faith that when I go in for the biopsy the doctors exclaim, what nodule! I would ask that brothers and sisters in Christ will pray for me during this time.  Thank you and God Bless You, Rhonda Matthews


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