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E-News March Issue 3, Volume 6

Thomas Christensen 1st Place Winner

American Dream Essay Contest

Thank you to those who submitted essays!

Congratulations to:
Thomas Christensen - 1st place and $300,
Kirsten Bright - 2nd place and $200,
Jedidiah Hewlett - 3rd place and $100

Thomas will now go on to compete at the state level.

Everyone's essays were interesting and very appreciated by the judges. We hope to see even more participation next time, so practice your writing skills and get ready for next year's Boys and Girls Club American Dream Essay Contest.

Congratulations to our three winners!!

FLL Championships
By Kris Katzmann

In December 2013, the state of Wyoming held its 8th annual First Lego League (FLL) championships. Over 60 teams competed, and teams Veni Vidi Duci-Blue and Green were declared the state champions and state runners-up respectively. Veni Vidi Duci means “I came, I saw, I calculated.” The blue team will now represent the state of Wyoming at the World First Lego League Championships in ****. Louis, Missouri April 23 – 26, 2014. The green team will represent the state of Wyoming at the North American Open Championships in Carlsbad, California May 16 – 18, 2014.

FLL asks boys and girls from across the world to solve real world problems using team work, research, and robots. This year’s theme was to investigate a natural disaster, identify a problem regarding it and solve the identified problem in a novel way.

The blue team focused on the problem of storms depositing heavy, wet snow which accumulates on tree branches full of leaves. To solve this, Veni Vidi Duci-Blue modified a weapon that the U.S. military has under development. This weapon is used for crowd control by heating up the people, making them so uncomfortable that they disperse. By modifying this weapon so that it fits into your hand, it can melt away snow deposits on tree limbs, greatly reducing the weight on the branches without causing damage to the tree or critters living in those trees. Team Veni Vidi Duci-Blue is made up of homeschool students, 4 girls and 5 boys, ages 9 – 15, from across Casper.

The green team focused on the problem of tornadoes which come with little warning. To solve this problem, Veni Vidi Duci-Green developed a mechanism to deliver liquid nitrogen to warm air masses. The extremely cold liquid nitrogen would be shot into a cloud’s warm air to rapidly cool it using modified drones. Team Veni Vidi Duci-Green is composed of 5 girls and 3 boys who are homeschooled, ranging in age from 9 - 14.

Our goal for this spring is to raise $34,000. These funds will be used to support the teams and their families to travel to ****. Louis, Missouri for the World FLL Championships in April, 2014 and to travel to Carlsbad, California for the North American Open Championships in May, 2014. In addition, funds will be used to purchase supplies such as robot components and team shirts. If you are interested in supporting these two homeschool teams, you may write your tax-deductible donation out to H.O.W. and mail it directly to our team coach - Jason Katzmann, 611 W. 57th ****., Casper, WY 82601. The teams and their families are fund raising in many areas to raise money and will also be holding a massive garage sale on March 14-15th at 905 E. 3rd Street in Casper for this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime.

  We Still Need
County Contacts!
Would you like to be a county contact? 

The responsibilities are few, but very necessary! Attending the convention – this is the only mandatory meeting of the whole year. Other than that, you need to be available. That's what a contact is all about. Responding to all calls and emails from HOW and other interested parties. You would also need to promote the convention in your county, by getting it into newsletters and online. That's it! It's not a hard job, but it is necessary.

We really need at least one contact in each county. Right now the following counties are available: Albany, Big Horn, Carbon, Goshen, Sheridan, and Washakie. Other counties need alternates, so if you are interested and live in another county, please step up!  

If you are concerned about keeping home schooling in Wyoming going strong, please think and pray about becoming a county contact. Please call 307-286-1090 for more information. We need you!


Kirsten Bright - 2nd place  (above)
Jedidiah Hewlett - 3rd place   (below)


Action Needed SF0106
Special Session Legislation on FAST TRACK in House.

 State Education Administration: on General File in the House of Representatives This is a bill brought forward to spend $50,000 to study whether or not there should be a Special Session to "deal with" the WY Supreme Court Ruling that declared the infamous 2013 SF104 bill unconstitutional.

SF106 passed the Senate on Wednesday and has already been assigned, heard, and passed the House Education Committee.  No voting record is available because even the Legislative Staff cannot keep up with the pace of these bills moving through the session.  


Please e-mail the Entire House of Representatives and tell them to vote NO on SF106 or NO to a SPECIAL SESSION.  A Special Session will cost the state over a half million dollars!  




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