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E-News October Issue 9, Volume 1

2010 Convention
Walking In The Promises
May 7th & 8th is the 2010 HOW Convention in Douglas!  Check out the Walking in the Promises website here.  Here's a convention idea for October.  Invite one family in your homschool group each month to join you at the next convention.  Here might be a good way to do it.  Share your testimony of how the convention has blessed and benefitted your family.  You might even have them over for a meal.  What a great way to get to know other homeschoolers better and share ideas and fellowship.    

Bible Bee Testimony

I read Todd's article about the Bible Bee held a few weeks ago, and I want to say I agree 100%. We participated in the local Bee in Thayne, Wyoming, and it was wonderful! The organizers there, headed by Nina Munger, were fabulous. It was amazing to realize how much of God's Word was recited that day.  Our son, Nathan, was notified that he is a finalist in the Primary division, and we will be going to Washington, D.C. Now Nathan is practicing his verses all the time!


I have just recently become the HOW county contact for Sublette County. We have homeschooled for three years. We pray that we will represent the Lord and Wyoming well as we travel to Washington.



Karen Stewart

Riverton Bible Bee Results

Primary (ages 7-10): 

1st Place: Grace Slagle, Newcastle; 

2nd Place: Richard DesEnfants, Riverton;

3rd Place: Sheridan Stewart, Evansville    

Junior (ages 11-14): 

1st Place, Sarah Slagle, Newcastle; 

2nd Place: William Shafer, Big Piney   

3rd Place: Wilson Stewart, Evansville  

Senior (ages 15-18): 

1st Place: GraceAnn Westfahl, Laramie, 

2nd Place: Thomas Smith, Riverton, 

3rd Place: Matthew Shafer, Big Piney


GraceAnn Westfahl from Laramie placed in the top 100 in the Senior age division and will be moving on to the National competition in Washington, DC on Nov. 5th and 6th.

There are now 121 Co-Sponsors in the House of Representatives and 6 Co-Sponsors in the Sentate for the Parental Rights Amendment.
Read the article this month on: Refuting the Myths from

Another Threat to Families
Freedom Watch by Will Estrada
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has been at the forefront of HSLDA’s lobbying efforts recently, but there is another UN convention that may also be sent to the United States Senate for ratification and would also threaten home educating families: the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).  Read more...

Recommended Resources for September
Teaching the Classics DVD Seminar and Workbook.  Andrew Pudewa was a speaker at our convention in Cody several years ago.  The Institute for Excellence in Writing now has material on teaching Literature.  A good companion to the GenJ book Club this year which is focusing on Literature.
Generation Joshua BookClub.  The Generation Joshua bookclub is already underway for this year but if your teens are not a part of this they are missing out.  Last year the focus was apologetics and our family read some great books.  This year it is literature.  Students who complete both track 1 and 2 can use this for a literature credit.  Even if you don't take advantage of the book club, take advantage of the online classes from GenJ.

Videos You Ought To See
Check out these great videos:
*Please note that HOW does not endorse or approve of all of the content on youtube or any other secondary website that is linked in our Enews. We try to refer you to items of interest to homeschooling families but cannot control content of other websites.

Teaching The Classics
Ken Ham's State of the Nation Address


Bible Bee in Thayne
By by Nina Munger

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee."-Psalm 119:11

    Since May, 22 kids from Star Valley and Pinedale have been working on hiding God's Word in their hearts for the National Bible Bee.  Todd Smith clearly stated what each contestant was given to learn in his article Hiding His Word (September 2009).  Because of the large amount of material that was covered, we highly stressed that each contestant's goal was to learn more about God, and hid His Word in their hearts, whether they completed a year's worth of study and memorization material in four months or not.

    As the Local Competition Date (September 12) drew nearer, we found out from the National Bible Bee headquarters about a Mini Bible Bee option that was made available for the younger age groups.  This gave the kids about a 1/4 of the work load when compared to the regular Bible Bee.  But because of the last minute addition to the program, the Mini Bee contestant were not given the option to compete in a finalist round in Washington DC in Nov 2009.   Several of our younger contestants were interested in this option, so the Thayne Local Competition also hosted a Mini Bible Bee.

    Saturday, September 12 was filled with recitations of verses and Bible knowledge questions and a Written Test for each contestant.  Each of the 14 bee-lievers (contestants) put their best foot forward and did very well.

    Mini Bee 
    1st Place:  Aaron Stewart 
    2nd: Journey Blankenship

    3rd: Eva Jones 

    Primary (7-10) 
    1st Place: Nathan Stewart 
    2nd: Zach Grissom

    3rd: Chance Blankenship 

    Junior (11-14)

    1st Place: Catlin Grissom

    2nd: Emily Jones

    3rd: Lindi Moore 

    Senior (15-18)

    1st Place: Rebecca Parsons 
    2nd : Jacob Parsons 

    On Friday, September 18 we found out that Nathan Stewart of Pinedale made it into the top 100 contestants for the Primary age division and be competing in the Finalist competition in Washington DC in early Nov.  Catlin Grissom of Star Valley made it in to the top 150 for the Junior age division and is on a runner-up list for the Finalist. Pray for them as they get ready for the next step of the competition.  For more information on the National Bible Bee, and next year's schedule of events, go to .

God's Grace
By MarceloTolopilo

God's Exhaustive and Inexhaustible Grace
Read more....

Prayer Requests
HOW is a ministry to Wyoming Homeschool Families. As a ministry we want to uplift one another in prayer when we are able. Please let us know of any : prayer requestsand we will include them on our prayer page. We will keep them posted each month until you update us on a situation so please stay in contact.
Please spend a few minutes today uplifting these people in prayer:

Pray for the HOW Board Member families as they serve Wyoming Homeschoolers

Pray for our County Contacts that keep us updated with pertinant information.

Pray for the 2010 Convention Speakers: Marcelo & Valerie Tolopilo

Rhonda Matthews, a homeschooling mom in Wheatland, asks for prayer for the following:I was recently in the hospital due to a severe case of bronchitis; while in the hospital my doctor ran a standard test to check for blood clots in my lungs. The good news, no blood clots, the bad news, I have what they refer to as a HOT nodule on my thyroid. Of course they do not know as yet whether it is cancer; I will need to have a needle biopsy to determine that. I am asking in faith that when I go in for the biopsy the doctors exclaim, what nodule! I would ask that brothers and sisters in Christ will pray for me during this time.  Thank you and God Bless You, Rhonda Matthews

Hi my name is Stefanie and my son's name is Jason. Jason just spent 3 days in the hospital for an enlarged spleen, liver and small intestines. They do not know why but they are thinking a blockage of some kind. Tomorrow the doctor is suppose to find a gastric doctor to take him (he is 11 years old) and try to find out what is wrong. They dont even know how long he has had this going on since he claims that his abdomen doesn't hurt. If you could please just keep him in your prayers as a parent I really hate to see him go through all of this and wish that it could be me instead.


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