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E-News January Issue 1, Volume 5

"Survival Training"
Our religious freedom allows us to teach our children the truth of the Bible and to keep our children’s faith from being chipped away at while they are still tender and susceptible. The Alpha Omega Institute in Colorado has numerous articles on their website. This brief article is about training our children to survive this world.

Legislative Alert
HSLDA sent an E-lert January 10th regarding SF 96, Compulsory school attendance. This would raise the age of compulsory attendance from 16 to 18.
 HOW opposes this bill because it gives more authority to government which belongs to parents. SF 96 is introduced and assigned to the Senate Education Committee.  Please read the E-lert from HSLDA and contact the committee members asking them to vote against this. Four of the five committee members are sponsors, Committee Chairman Coe, Senator Anderson SD 02, Senator Barnard, and Senator Rothfuss, and we should request they pull their sponsorship. View the Action Alert from WyWatch.

New HOW Board Members

Darrell and Loreen Farkas
Darrell and Loreen have home schooled their two children (Andrew and Amanda) from the beginning, through the completion of high school. They once heard a speaker at a home school convention, who lamented the fact that when most homeschooling parents have finished in the schooling of their children, they disappear from the homeschooling scene. He pointed out how their experience should continue to be used for helping the future homeschooling generations. That has stuck with them, and so they also want to continue to help preserve homeschooling for their grandchildren to come. That means helping fight for laws that favor homeschooling and helping new families to have whatever needed direction they seek to be able to school their children. They currently live in Torrington. Darrell works at the local paper, and Loreen along with their daughter, give riding lessons and train horses.

Drew and Mel Farkas
My name's Drew Farkas. My wife Mel & I live in Torrington. I was home educated K-12, and graduated in Sheridan, in 2001. I've been volunteering for HOW, maintaining the website, ever since. Mel & I were married in 2008, and eagerly look forward to homeschooling our children when the time comes. We joined the HOW Board because we feel that homeschoolers need a sturdy support group, and need the encouragement of fellowship. With so many people being held back by the tough economy and our hectic lives, it's easy to let the things that matter most - particularly Christian fellowship and our duty to disciple our children - slip to the back of the priority list. We feel that it is imperative to encourage our fellow homeschooling brothers and sisters to keep up the good fight, and not give up. One of the ways we wish to encourage homeschoolers is by helping to ensure an annual HOW Convention. Fellowship with other homeschoolers is important, and the convention is a great way to stay in contact with other families across the state. We look forward to serving the homeschool community in any way that we can.

TeenPact is a dynamic, hands-on leadership school for Christian students. Their mission is to train youth to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend their Christian faith and engage the culture at a time in their lives when, typically, they do not care about such things. It is not too late to register for Wyoming's session meeting the week of February 15th.

Meet a HOW County Contact

Paula James in Johnson County
My name is Paula James and I am the Johnson County contact for HOW. My husband, David, and I are grateful to be able to homeschool our two daughters, Maggie and Joanna. We enjoy our flexible schedule which allows us to do other activities such as art classes, sewing and knitting classes, gymnastics and traveling. We have the opportunity to ski and snowboard in the Big Horn Mountains in the winter and hike, fish and swim in the lakes during the summer. We have recently formed a small homeschool group of about 20 families in our community. We enjoy a monthly field trip activity usually organized by our local Jim Gatchell Museum. We also hope to start some outdoor activities soon for physical education. At times, parents will organize a seasonal party for food, fellowship and fun. As we work together, we hope to develop a strong support group in our community and close friendships for years to come.

Legislative Update
By Jan Loftus
Wyoming legislative session began this week. We need to pray and give thanks for those in authority as taught in I Timothy 2. Also I am thankful for HOW members (hat tip Doreen) who keep their eyes and ears aimed at the Capitol these next couple of months and alert us. In addition, WY Watch is working every day of the session to fight for good bills and defeat bad ones.
 Lastly, HSLDA monitors our legislation from Virginia and provides counsel regarding specific wording. Thank you all for working for homeschooling and families.

If the Lord leads you to donate to HSLDA and Wy Watch, you may do so online.

On the national front, we celebrate the (temporary) defeat of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Keep in mind that we need to look past the names of these UN treaties and find out what they say and do. Proponents say that U.S. ratification will improve conditions around the world. Proponents say that our federal law is the 'gold standard' of the world and meets or exceeds this treaty. Why ratify??? Why did these other countries not look to our example of 'Americans with Disabilities Act' if our example is that convincing?

Every one of the UN human rights treaties gives up sovereignty to the United Nations. The CRPD will allow the UN to dictate how parents of children with special needs raise their children.

Sign a petition. Get others to sign. Senator Barrasso was contacted by veterans groups asking him to support. That veterans groups, whose members fought for our borders, support any UN treaty is a mystery. has a petition for veterans to sign. Also, if you know a family with a child with special needs, they may sign a separate petition. And there is a general one as well:  

Donate to as they fight for us in Washington D.C.

View this 9 minute clip from November 5, 2010 of the U.S. prostrating herself before a UN committee with countries such as Cuba, Iran, and China chastising us. It is Alice in Wonderland.

And be encouraged if you know the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


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