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From HOW eNews Issue 1, Volume 2

Teen Pact

Hello, My name is Mike A. Zmudzinski, Father of five children, four of the children my wife and I have been homeschooling  for 17 years.We have been serving the Lord for over twenty-four years.We are board members of GCHE, the homeschool group in Gillette.  I am sending this e-mail out to encourage other homeschoolers to come to Teenpact. Teenpact is an organization that meets while our Representatives are in session at Cheyenne. The Teenpact class is usually in February and lasts for four days, and they have a class for younger students which is only one day usually on Friday of that week. It is a government class designed to increase your student's knowledge of how the state is run. They have to submit a bill and present it. They are taught how a bill is introduced and debated. They are taught how to ask questions about the bill and are taught their responsibility as citizens. They will vote for a class Govenor and representatives. They will meet lobbyist and representatives and possibly the Govenor of the state. All of the teaching is from a Christian world view which makes it an even more exceptional class.  One thing I would like to share is, my direct connection with Teenpact. The first year we went I was not sure about giving my children to these young adults and letting them influence them in such an important area, so I attended the first day,I was having fears and deep concerns for them, but after the first day my concerns diminished and I was in awe. These young men and young ladies were quite fascinating, they were collected and responsible and very optimistic. I liked it, they kept the students attention and the students loved it. The night sessions were lead by a man named Bill Jack of Worldview Academy. He encouraged the students to be assertive and enthusiastic in their faith. Again I was very impressed. As the week went on I felt a deep desire to have been a student going to this class myself, I wasn't given the information my children had been given when I was in school. So I learned a lot myself I loved it! This class has been a part of our homeschooling ever since.  One other thing I would like to add is, my children have gone to other classes and camps that Teenpact offers as Alumni. 

My son has been a staffer for the state class and a student of Survival and a camp called Challenge, Challenge is like a boot camp for young men not in the service it is a great experience. He has also staffed these classes and camps this past year.

My oldest daughter has been a student for the state class and a staffer and she even was an intern this last year. She was able to go to other states and help the students learn about their state and how its government functions. She has also been a student and a staffer for the Survival camps.  She was able to go to Endeavor which is a time for girls only to learn about how to be a woman serving the Lord .My daughter loved it. My other daughter has been a student in the state class and has been a student at the Survival camps and she staffed in the kitchen for a Survival camp in New Mexico. She will also be staffing the state class this next year.

My youngest daughter has been to the state class and has been a student at a Survival camp. She is normally shy but she was encouraged to participate in the team efforts and she enjoyed herself enough to want to go back.

I send out this e-mail to give my take on these training sessions given by Teenpact. Their slogan is "Turning students into Statesmen".  I have grown to love and appreciate the staff and students who have gone to the classes and have been in our home. One thing I really appreciated in all these classes and camps has been the dress code and the need to keep all the students focused on the training and the information not on relationships between boys and girls. I have been really impressed. You can see this is quite an undertaking by the staff. But the staff really keeps everything focused and I have appreciated this greatly. As you read this e-mail registration is happening right now. If you have any questions you can contact the Teenpact website. The earlier you register the better it is. Also you can contact the state coordinator Elizabeth Albin at I am also available if you have any questions at  I would like to encourage you to allow your children to experience this great learning opportunity.The 2010 class will be February8-11. Also if you want more information you can go to  Thanks for your time.

February 8-12, 2010.  Register today!


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