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From HOW eNews Issue 3, Volume 3

Changing Lives to Change the World
By Elizabeth Albin, TeenPact State Coordinator

    “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12
   This verse embodies the TeenPact Leadership Schools Wyoming class earlier this month. Forty high-school students from around the state learned that although they were too young to vote or hold elected office their voice could be heard in other ways. All through the week, these young people shone character around the Wyoming State Capitol. They dress sharply and professionally, they were informed, they asked solid questions and most of all they made the people around them stand up and take notice. Tuesday morning when we met Governor Matt Mead he was so blown away by our group that he was late to his next appointment because he wanted to spend more time talking to us.
   In just four days, these young people learned much about how their state government works. From writing their own bill, interviewing lobbyists and legislators, and holding mock elections, to sitting in on actual debate in the House and Senate.
   But it was not only a crash course in state politics it was also a week of deep spiritual growth. Every morning opened with praise and worship, followed by a devotional, and then thirty minutes of walking the Capitol grounds praying for the people who were elected and appointed to govern us. Their praying caused such a stir (it was during the ‘validity of marriage’ bill debate) that security came and talked to us about what we were doing. Everything that the students learned was filtered through what scripture had to say about the subject. Did you know that the Bible talks about the three branches of government? Isaiah 33:22, “For the Lord is our judge (the Judicial branch); the Lord is our lawgiver (the Legislative branch); the Lord is our King (the Executive branch); He will save us.”
   I have been involved in TeenPact for almost ten years and to this day my favorite part of the ministry is watching teenagers come in on Monday and not caring to be there. Then watching them leave on Thursday with such a passion for Christ that they want to run for office right there and change their world. TeenPact’s motto is “Changing Lives to Change the World.” I know that it is true. Since 1994, TeenPact had seen potential in thousands of young people and gave them the tools to become world changers. Right now, there is a former TeenPact student working on the Sean Hannity show. Miss America 2011 was a TeenPacter who actually attended TeenPact Wyoming a few years back. There are two TeenPacters that currently hold offices in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives.  And these are just a few examples of the impact these young people are making on our county.
   Last week, forty teenagers came away with a deeper knowledge of their Savior and of their government better prepared to make an impact. And that is what TeenPact is all about. If you want to be involved next year for this amazing class, the 2012 dates are February 13-17. For more information go to


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