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From HOW eNews Issue 3, Volume 3

Legislative Update
Wyoming Legislature is nearly finished for 2011, ending Tuesday, March 8th. This was a year with many bills of interest to homeschoolers. Thank you to all of you who contacted your representatives in Cheyenne. Do not shut your computers off quite yet, as you will see below with HB 74.

HB 86 Compulsory School Attendance
Last year former Representative Debra Hammons introduced a bill, which became law, requiring parents to meet with school district personnel regarding their education plan prior to withdrawal from school attendance. Because of potential confusion, this law required clarification so that it would be applicable only to public school students.
   HB 86 was written to provide this necessary clarification, preventing school officials from applying this section of the law to homeschool or private school students. It states that parents would not be required to meet with school district personnel if the child would be enrolled in a different school district, private school, or home-based educational program.
   HB 86 passed unanimously in the House, passed committee in the Senate, but was not read on the Senate floor this year for a vote. Senator Dockstader emailed HOW that he felt HB 86 had problems that he attempted to resolve, but was unable to do so. He wrote he believes in homeschooling and would be willing to work with Homeschoolers of Wyoming to start preparation of a bill from the Senate next year.

HB 74 Validity of Marriage
This bill clarifies Wyoming's current marriage law. The current law does not allow same-sex marriage in Wyoming, but did not address the situation where people participated in same-sex marriage in other states and then moved to Wyoming. HB 74 would strengthen our current law. This passed the House, was amended in the Senate to include litigation for civil unions, sent back to the House where they voted to not concur with the Senate change. In a Conference Committee it was restored to its original intent and must pass both the House and Senate in the remaining few days. Please be in prayer and contact your Representative and Senator asking them to pass this bill in support of Wyoming family. If you need to find out the who your Senator and Representative are,
go to:
SJ 5 Defense of Marriages Constitutional Amendment would have given Wyoming voters a chance to vote on marriage law in 2012, as many other states have done. This passed the Senate and House Committee, but was not read on the House floor, making it inactive for the year.


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