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From HOW eNews Issue 1, Volume 1

Where Are They Now
1. Introduce yourself and tell us where you lived as a child and where you live currently.
My name is Victoria Summers. I lived in Rock River, Wy from the time I was two till currently. I lived in Laramie, Wy during the fall semester of college, moved home for Christmas, and will return to Laramie for the spring semester.

2. How many siblings do you have?
Nine. Seven sisters and two brothers.

3. How many years were you homeschooled?

4. What year did you graduate?

5. Did you have a celebration/ceremony upon graduating?
Yes. A local home school organization ceremony.

6. How did homeschooling prepare you for real life?
It gave me a basic foundation of what school is and that you have to work at things to accomplish what you want to in life. I learned how to study and interact with all sorts of age groups. I learned patience and to be self motivated.

7. What are your fondest memories of your homeschooling experience?
I enjoyed getting all my school work done early in the day and being able to work or play the rest of the day.

8. How was homeschooling a factor in the relationship you have with your siblings/parents both now and in your growing up years?
Because I spent a lot of time with my family when I was younger I have a stronger relationship with my siblings and parents than most people I know. I learned to get along with everyone and to have fun with them. I enjoy spending time with my family.

9. What is your current status/occupation?
I am currently a student at LCCC in Laramie, Wy. I havenít decided on a major so I am just doing general studies. I work as a part time sub for a highway contract mail carrier.

10. Do you plan to homeschool your own children?

11. What thoughts or advice could you share with those still at home, nearing completion of school?
Enjoy every moment that you are interrupted in your studies by you younger or older siblings because it wonít last forever!


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