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From HOW eNews Issue 2, Volume 1

Legislative Update:
Thank you for all who took time to email or call your Legislators on the Wyoming Marriage Amendment. We lost this round but the battle for the preservation of the family in Wyoming continues.

Same-sex marriage is still legal in Wyoming. Although it is not legal for these ceremonies to be performed in Wyoming our State Statute still has the loophole that says we must, as a State, accept valid marriages from any other State.

Many of you followed the debate in the Legislature over the past few weeks. The Senate version got bogged down in committee. The House version of the Defense of Marriage Amendment made it out of committee only to fail passage in the House. 35-25.

The funny thing is, our legislators, hiding under the guise of "we are the equality State" or "equal rights" have really told us that they don't think the citizens of Wyoming should have a say in the definition of Marriage in Wyoming. In passing the legislature this bill would have only allowed for the Amendment to go before the voters for us to decide. Depending on which poll you look at 70-75% of the citizens of Wyoming would vote for this amendment to the State Constitution

Maybe its time to clean house. Maybe our Senators and Representatives who don't represent all of the people anymore should be replaced in the next election with people who will represent the entire State.

And maybe if we can't rely on our elected officials to defend one of the foundations of society-- marriage -- it's time for citizens to take matters into their own hands. And work to put the issue on the ballot ourselves (a very big job, but one in which the voters could act)

Here is a breakdown of of how the representatives voted. I think it is inexcusable for any representative to vote against this bill and the ones who did should be looking for a new job next election. -- This is just my opinion (Todd) not a viewpoint endorsed by HOW.


Ayes: Representative(s) Anderson, R., Brechtel, Buchanan, Cannady, Davison, Edmonds, Hallinan, Harshman, Harvey, Jaggi, Lockhart, Lubnau, Madden, McKim, Mercer, Miller, Peasley, Petersen, Philp, Quarberg, Semlek, Shepperson, Simpson, Stubson and Teeters.

Nays: Representative(s) Bagby, Barbuto, Berger, Blake, Bonner, Brown, Byrd, Carson, Childers, Cohee, Connolly, Craft, Diercks, Esquibel, K., Gilmore, Gingery, Goggles, Hales, Hammons, Illoway, Jorgensen, Landon, McOmie, Meyer, Millin, Moniz, Patton, Pedersen, Roscoe, Steward, Thompson, Throne, Wallis, Zwonitzer, Dn. and Zwonitzer, Dv..

If your representative is on the Nay list, let them know, politely of course, your displeasure and let's get some candidates in office who will support families in Wyoming.


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