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From HOW eNews Issue 4, Volume 5

Reasons for attending TeenPact
By A. Barnsdale
When I want to find new friends, learn about God's undying love, and have an educational experience in a fun environment, I attend TeenPact in Wyoming. I have attended TeenPact the last three years and have gained so much from the experience.
If you have heard of TeenPact at all, you might be thinking, a week long class about government? I don't think I am in to that kind of thing.
Although I really enjoy learning about government, I was very apprehensive the first year I went. I didn't know what people would expect of me or if anyone else would like me. I also wondered if spending a week studying politics would be boring.
TeenPact is so much more than government though. It is about making connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. It is also about being in the company of other God-believing people that want the same things you do out of life.
I had an amazing time my first year and have enjoyed going every year since. I am able to connect with old friends and make new ones. If you have a desire to learn more about other people and Christ Jesus, I would recommend you come to TeenPact. I was interested in politics, but didn't know much about how it worked the first year I attended.
TeenPact presents it in a fun and interactive learning environment. Beyond politics, I made genuine connections with a lot of the students and staffers who I have become good friends with.
The focus is always on God and how everything can be to his glory. The evenings are one of my favorite parts of the whole week. The atmosphere is more relaxed. I like the evening sessions best because of the worship service and teachings that I am able to be a part of. The speakers always touch an area of my life and make me want to be more like my Savior.
I have had a wonderful time attending TeenPact and have created many lasting friendships. TeenPact is much more than just government. It is an event that will truly change your thought process about everything important to you.


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