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From HOW eNews Issue 5, Volume 5

Legislative Update
School districts across the state are scurrying to get up and running in using Common Core Standards for Math and English, which WY State School Board and the Governor signed onto a year ago.  Forty-six states have signed onto common core, yet some such as Indiana are putting on the brakes.

If you are deeply concerned about English standards, imagine the Science standards.  They contain the information that humans are dangerous to the planet and government action is needed to fix global warming.  These are not yet the sexuality standards, but could become the standards see p.6) or the prototype, and certainly will not surprise you in the content.  What may surprise you is that students are encouraged as early as kindergarten to seek others besides family for information and family is eliminated as a source by grade seven.

Perhaps you are part of the more than 50% of Wyomingites unfamiliar with common core standards?  There is a great deal of information to read and video to watch online.  There are many groups formed to stop common core.  Following are just a few links to resources.

Will Common Core affect homeschooling?  At the present we are not required to teach to these standards.  However, testing will need to verify that students are learning the standards.  This will include college testing.  Also, could the homeschool law be changed in Wyoming requiring us to teach to these standards? Yes, in the blink of an eye.  Recall that SF 104 was introduced January 10th and signed by the governor January 29!

A couple weeks ago I attended a common core debate in Buffalo.  Out of roughly 30 people in attendance, there were at least four homeschool families represented.  God bless homeschoolers for showing up.  The Wyoming Department of Education employee who defended common core said that we could easily get out of common core.  We need to convince the State School Board and the governor.  Please contact them before this month is over.  Be courteous and remember that not all the board voted for common core.
Many of us have had our eyes turned to international homeschooling matters.
 At eight o’clock August 29th, a large, armed group of 20 social workers, police officers, and special agents arrived at the Wunderlich home in Germany with a battering ram in hand.  The crime:  homeschooling.  Petra Wunderlich was not allowed to kiss her daughter good-bye and Dirk and Petra Wunderlich were told they would not see their children for a long time.  The children were then taken to unknown locations.  Read here for more of the account and actions you can take to help this family.


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