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From HOW eNews Issue 3, Volume 1

Hats Off To Moms
By Rick Boyer

Hats off to moms!!  It's approaching that time of year again, and once more the rest of us pay inadequate and overdue homage to  the most important people in the world.


It always cracks me up to hear talk about "working mothers. When did they invent any other kind? Although I was dumb enough not to appreciate it at the time, I well remember my mother when I was growing up, working as a nurse's aide and later, on the assembly line in an aircraft factory. She was a single mom from the time I was fourteen, but neither before that time nor after do I remember seeing her goofing off. On bitterly cold Kansas mornings she would rise long before the rest of us, run out through the vicious prairie wind to start her car so it would be warm and the frost off the windshield a few minutes later when she left for work. She would come home shortly after we returned from school, clean house, do laundry, start supper--we always had a hot evening meal--and maybe help a couple of kids with homework. She never could stand to be idle, and even now, in her mid-seventies, is still strong and active. And she still can't just sit She has to at least be crocheting something for a great-grandhild. And when she comes to visit, she climbs trees with the kids.


Nowadays, there's another lady in my life who puts me to shame with her dedication.. My wife, Marilyn is admired by everyone who knows her, and nobody knows her as I do. I usually get a headstart on her by rising early to do devotions before work, but she teaches the kids all morning and then marches on until late at night, usually reading her Bible in the quiet moments after everyone else has gone to bed. When she's not ministering to the many needs of her own large family, she's working on a book or article to help other moms. And would you believe it, even when she's exhausted her gentleness never leaves her. Somehow she always has a tender touch or a kind word for any child or young adult in the house who needs it. Moms are a miracle, aren't they?


I hope each of you ladies who reads this understands just how important you are. Oh, there are still a few people around braying the tired mantras of the womens' lib movement. They tell you that you can't possibly be fulfilled unless you have a paying career outside the home. They think you'd be better off a wage slave than a molder of lives. I don't think even they themselves believe it any more, at least not those between college graduation age and retirement age. It's almost instinctive to know that a mom is a precious jewel, and that using her to do what a man can do is as wasteful as shooting a diamond from a slingshot.


Moms, we don't need you to sacrifice your calling to serve as peons in this generation. You're more valuable than that. Where we desperately need you is at the heart of a godly home, training up the giants of the next generation. We can't do it without you. You can't be replaced by daycare worker, a schoolteacher or a youth program. You can't be replaced with anything, and any other work would be a demotion for you.


Forgive us non-moms when we forget how much you do for us. Our thickheadedness is just a symptom of the fact that we all still need mothering. Your true reward is waiting for you in a better place. But I hope, in fact I know, that until you get there you're collecting the interest on your account. A grateful look, an "I love you Mommy" at bedtime, a sticky kiss from a grubby little mouth, a crayon stick picture on a home-made Mother's Day card. These are the earnest on a mother's inheritance. It's hard to remember when you're awake for the umpteenth time in one night with a barfing child, but what you do is glorious. Because nobody can do it but you. You're a mom, and we can't live without you. Let somebody else star in movies, go to Congress, and fly through outer space. You're job is so much more important.


It's not really fair that Mother's Day comes only once a year. But the account will balance up in years to come when not only your children, but  Thanks for being a mom.!


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