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From HOW eNews Issue 4, Volume 1

Where Are They Now?


An interview with –Lindy and Ron Reinke  



1.      Introduce yourself and tell us where you lived as a child and where you live currently.


Lindy:  Hello, I was born and raised in Wheatland, I currently live with my husband, Ron, and our two girls in Wheatland.

Ron:  I was born in Riverton and lived in Sheridan, as well, before meeting and marrying Lindy.



2.       How many siblings do you have?


Lindy:  I am the oldest child in the family; I have six siblings: two sisters and four brothers.  One of my brothers is rejoicing with Jesus.

Ron:  I have two brothers.



3.      How many years were you homeschooled?


Lindy:  I was homeschooled eight years; from fifth grade through my senior year.

Ron:  I wasn’t homeschooled.



4.      What year did you graduate?


Lindy:  I graduated in 1993.

Ron:  I graduated in 1989.

5.      Did you have a celebration/ceremony upon graduating?


Lindy:  Yes, there were three other young ladies that graduated with me that year.

Ron:  I graduated in the Riverton High School graduation ceremony.



6.       How did homeschooling prepare you for real life?


Lindy:  Homeschooling, first of all, gave me a Christian Worldview in which to base my thoughts and beliefs.  This has helped me now as an adult to have an established foundation in Jesus.  Secondly, homeschooling helped me to develop critical thinking and logic skills.  Both of these advantages have become the basis on which I make my decisions and how I live my life.



7.      What are your fondest memories of your homeschooling experience?


Lindy:  My grandma lived nearby and she was my home economics teacher.  We had many fun times of cooking and sewing.  Also getting done with school early and being able to go ice skating on the frozen pond with another homeschooling family brings me fond memories.



8.      How was homeschooling a factor in the relationship you have with your siblings/parents both now and in your growing up years?


Lindy:  I believe homeschooling helped us have togetherness as a family.  Being the oldest, there is seventeen years between me and my youngest sibling.  Homeschooling was a positive factor in establishing relationships with all of my siblings since I spent time with them everyday.


9.      What is your current status/occupation?


Lindy:  I am a homemaker, wife and mother of two children.

Ron:  I am employed by WYDOT and work in the highway maintenance department.



10.     Do you plan to homeschool your own children?


Lindy:  We already are.  Libby is in second grade and our second daughter, Emmi, is four and wants to do school like big sister.



11.    What thoughts or advice could you share with those still at home, nearing completion of school?  


Lindy:  Stay focused on school and do your work, heartily, as unto the Lord.  Years after completing school, you will appreciate even more what homeschooling has done to bless your life.  

Ron: Even though I wasn’t homeschooled, I have seen the benefits of it both spiritually and academically in other homeschooled children.        


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